Why do Jacobs try & compete with GCC?

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Why do Jacobs try & compete with GCC?

Postby 16 Hands » Wed Feb 07, 2018 9:49 am

The "Masters" is a fine competition that is produced by the Jacobs family.

But why do they insist on scheduling during the week of the Great Charity Challenge? (I'm a little biased because I'm involved with two charities that have been awarded money from the GCC).

During GCC week the Jacobs also send out press releases about their great generosity obviously intended to detract from Bellissimo's GCC. There was a big article in the local paper about a $5000 (yes, five-thousand) grant from their family foundation.

The Jacobs a few weeks ago lost their last lawsuit to have Global torn down. So maybe the GCC is the last thing they can attack even if it is a charity. Goes to show the ruthlessness and vindictiveness of Jeremy and Lou Jacobs.

Makes you wonder if the wives have any say in any of this and are they supportive of the hatred?
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Re: Why do Jacobs try & compete with GCC?

Postby longandhard13 » Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:19 am

Lets face it... the Jacobs are a bunch of ass whores. they are pissed because mark wouldn't let them in to the circle.

The only thing they have done right was the Masters.. Leave that BE!!! its the only ranking world cup class in the east during season...
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